An Unforgettable Summer Coastal Escape! WIN A SUFFOLK COAST HOLIDAY IN FELIXSTOWE!

June 8, 2023

Welcome to Felixstowe

Immerse yourself in a world where beautiful beaches meet our picturesque town, and history intertwines with vibrant modern life. In Felixstowe, you’ll discover a place that captivates, delights, and calls you back time and time again.

Felixstowe boasts a blend of fascinating Victorian architecture, and diverse attractions, offering a quintessentially British seaside experience like no other. Start your adventure with a leisurely stroll along our Blue Flag winning beachfront. Savour the crashing waves and gentle breezes or ignite your sense of adventure with an array of water based sports from sailing to paddle boarding to safe swimming. With over four miles of sand and shingle coastline to explore, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. Take time to wander in our award-winning Seafront Gardens. Voted amongst the best in the UK, these historic Edwardian and Victorian gardens offer a tranquil escape, a splash of colour, and sweeping sea views.

Yearning for a cultural experience? Felixstowe brims with it. Visit the unique Edwardian seaside theatre: the Spa Pavilion, offering a lively programme of performances year-round. Further along the coast, find the Landguard Peninsula, home to the historic Landguard Fort, a monument to Britain’s military past, teeming with captivating tales of invasions thwarted. The Felixstowe Museum, snugly housed in the former submarine mining establishment, offers a treasure trove of local history and intriguing artefacts. Journey through time and discover the region’s rich maritime heritage. Step into the charming heart of Felixstowe town, lined with a mixture of chain and independent shops and eateries that provide a delightful retreat. Indulge in traditional fish and chips or savour mouth-watering local dishes, from afternoon tea to Mediterranean indulgences, served with a friendly smile.

Adventurers of all ages will find plenty to entertain in Felixstowe. Unleash your inner child at a great choice of beachside amusements, both inside and out, or challenge your friends and family to a fun-filled game of cray golf. The beauty of Felixstowe isn’t confined to daylight hours. From a sunset walk along the prom and through the town, to our beachfront and town pubs, bars and restaurants, indulge in fine dining, enjoy live music, or simply gaze at the stars and the lights of Felixstowe Pier from a promside seat.

Felixstowe is not just a town; it’s an experience that brings the quintessential English seaside charm to life, with a modern twist. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing retreat or an action-packed holiday, Felixstowe is the ideal destination. Every visit is a journey, every corner holds a new surprise, and every memory is a treasure in the making. Welcome to Felixstowe. Where timeless meets modern, where adventure meets tranquillity, where every moment is unforgettable. Plan your visit today and let Felixstowe captivate your heart.



Felixstowe Pier and beach

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