Landguard takes centre stage on prime time Ant & Dec show

April 4, 2022

Felixstowe’s Saturday night ITV viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when local historic landmark, Landguard Fort flashed up on their screens as the ‘secret location’ of ‘Sofawatch’ as part of ITV’s Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

The popular feature ‘Takeaway Getaway’ gave Felixstowe folk the chance to race down to the 18th Century fort and take part in hunting for clues to find the sofa and win a holiday.

With the familiar site emblazoned across the screens of Suffolk’s favourite seaside resort, many people abandoned their actual takeways, baths and, in one case, their work to walk, run or drive down to Landguard Point, the southernmost tip of Felixstowe, to see host, Fleur East, and compete to find the sofa.

An estimated 600 people made the pilgrimage to be in with a chance of winning, with 250 being picked as finalists.

Landguard Fort had closed for the day and kept the planned live TV filming a closely guarded secret but is now open for more traditional business as one of our most popular tourist attractions. Check out what’s on at the fort here

Jordan Perkins, who took these photographs, made it down with his Mum and said: “it was great fun and great to see here in Felixstowe.”

Did you get to the fort on Saturday night? Send us your pictures.