Standing up for comedy nights in Felixstowe

April 13, 2022

The Grand has been welcoming Glass Eye’s comedy nights for some time now on the second Thursday of every month. However, this Thursday 14th April, sees comedian, Angelos Epithemiou, officially launching the town’s very own professional comedy night.

An exceptional headliner you may have seen on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Shooting Stars as well as his own comedy show, Angelos will be supported by some brilliant established and rising acts from the UK club scene.

We spoke to the man who is bringing the giggles to The Grand every month.

Louie Green, Danny Mark and Aaron Jay travelled a long way to get the best of local stand up by the seaside, and Louie tells us all about the journey…

Glass Eye Louie

Tell me about Glass Eye, how you came to get started, how it works with finding and booking comedians and finding the right venue? 

Myself and Danny Mark decided that we wanted to become comedians and in our first three gigs we travelled over 700 miles as there was little comedy in the East Anglia area, especially Suffolk. We put our heads together and decided to create our own comedy club in Danny’s mums back garden. First two shows sold out and we realised that we needed to find a venue. Aaron Jay attended our first gig and the trio was born.

Known more for its place as a late night bar and club destination, how did The Grand become your Felixstowe home?

We had worked in the town before and we quickly discovered that Felixstowe had an appetite for comedy. Lorraine at The Grand, who is a comedy lover herself, got in contact and wanted to give Glass Eye a home. The partnership felt right from the off.

You’d just started performing in Felixstowe when the pandemic hit. Did you carry on virtually with Glass Eye? How did that work? 

When the pandemic hit there was a lot of uncertainty in the industry and throughout the lockdown. We all, at various points, considered whether comedy was for us and we made the decision to have a break from comedy and assess what the future held when we had a clearer picture.

Glass Eye group

What are your thoughts on Felixstowe as a venue? 

I moved to Felixstowe and will never leave. There is definitely an appetite for varied entertainment here. The support we have received is growing and overwhelming.

Being a comedian yourself, where do you get your inspiration? 

I love nothing more than talking about my family and the funny situation that we find ourselves in, they are the source of my drive and inspiration. Without the support I have around me, I wouldn’t have the confidence to pursue the career I have chosen or the material, in truth.

Worst on stage moment?

Comedy is a strange beast, as you start comedy when it’s at its toughest and as you progress you move to easier rooms. So, in the beginning you are traveling around the country playing in the corner of pubs to two people and a dog. Quite frankly, it is soul destroying. My worst gig came on my fifth gig when I performed and nobody laughed but this can happen at anytime, for example it happened to me three months ago. Being such a new act though it was horrendous.

Best on stage moment?

I honestly don’t have one moment, I love every moment, every laugh its the one place in life I feel truly comfortable. I feel blessed to have a career that makes others happy and as a knock on makes me happy.

Hecklers: all part of the circus, or absolute pain? 

Both, I have had some of the greatest laughs from heckles and I have also had nights destroyed because of hecklers.

Glass Eye 1

Who are your favourite non Glass Eye comedian/s?

The legends for me Mickey Flanagan, Jim Jefferies, Billy Connolly but I think what a lot of people don’t realise is often club comics are better than who we see on TV. Our Favourite club comics Rich Wilson, Sol Bernstein, Jeff innocent and Justin Panks. We love working with these guys.

The Grand host Comedy Club every second Thursday of the month, downstairs in cabaret style seating with hot bar snacks available, a great selection of bottled and draft beers and lagers, an excellent gin cabinet, as well as all your usual bar favourites.

Lorraine often hosts a Karaoke or her legendary disco set after the comedy, although when we’ve been, the laughs tend to go on past the last act. It’s a really great treat for Felixstowe. Grab your tickets for Angelos from Joke Pit on the link or follow Visit Felixstowe, Glass Eye and The Grand on Facebook for comedy night news.