Martello Coast Path Walk

Location: Felixstowe Ferry, Felixstowe, UK


This route of approximately 5 miles (8 kilometres) runs along our entire coastline from Felixstowe Ferry to the Landguard Peninsula. It forms part of the much longer Suffolk Coast Path, and also links with the Stour and Orwell Walk.

Pick up the Martello Coast Path map at the Visit Felixstowe Tourist Information Centre beach hut, located on the prom, opposite Felixstowe Town Hall.

The walk can be easily split into shorter sections, such as the stretch from the Golf Road car park, past the Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club and two historic Martello Towers to Felixstowe Ferry. 1 to 1.8 miles (1.6 to 2.8 kilometres) (each way).

This is described in the downloadable Easy Access/Easy Going Trail.

Further information on the Suffolk Coast Path (60 miles/96.5 kilometres) and Stour and Orwell Walk (40 miles/64.3 kilometres) can be viewed online.

Map and directions