Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Club LTS Summer County Cup

Monday 18th July 2022 - Friday 22nd July 2022

Location: Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Club, Bath Road, Felixstowe, UK


Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Club is pleased to present its summer 2022 list of tournament events. This year we will be holding 4 main tournaments throughout the summer.

The third tournament is the LTA’s Summer County Cup Event

LTA’s Summer County Cup event – commonly known as ‘County Week’ – is possibly the oldest tennis event on the domestic calendar, dating back as far as 1895.

44 counties across the nation are divided into groups based on their results of the previous year’s event with Group 1 being the ‘premier league’. Teams compete against each other over a week to see which team comes out as champions.

This year we are hosting the Ladies Group 6 event. This includes players from West of Scotland, Staffordshire, North of Scotland, Northamptonshire, Shropshire, and Devon.

The County Cop runs from Monday 18th July to Friday 22nd July 2022. Spectator entry is free.

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